Jake's Mint Chew

Jake's Mint Chew: Non-Tobacco, All Natural, Made with Organic Mint! Jake's Mint Chew is Nicotine-Free, has NO Sugar, and NO Caffeine. Tastes great and totally healthy! Jake's Mint Chew is a Non-Tobacco Chew made from organic mint leaves, natural flavors, vegetable glycerin, water, xylitol and citric acid. It's nicotine-free, good for your digestion, a natural appetite suppressant, and good for your breath! Vegetable glycerin and xylitol are used to naturally preserve and bring out the flavor of Jake's Mint Chew without causing tooth decay. Ideal for baseball players, hunters, dippers, military, truckers, wrestlers, golfers, hockey players, campers, fishermen, hikers, people with digestive disorders, pretty much anyone who likes to chew something healthy, something mint, something fresh.

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