Cancellations, Exchanges & Returns Policy

The customer will have 14 calendar days from the date of purchase for cancellations, exchange or return through store credit. We DO NOT return money to the payment method used in the purchase. The merchandise must be in its original packaging, in perfect condition and with its label intact. Custom Orders, Workorders, Lay Away and/or Backorders do not qualify for cancellations, exchange or return. A 20% restocking fee will apply to all returns, handling and/or shipping costs are not refundable. Returns will NOT be accepted after the established period or without a receipt. The following merchandise does not qualify for exchanges or returns: properly dispatched items, electronic items, used items, wooden bats, mouthguards, cups, catcher gears, underwear and/or jockstraps. BBB Sporting Goods will make store credit only when an application meets the requirements set out in our policy. All store credit must be used on or before 30 calendar days from the return.

Warranty Policy

Any product with a warranty, if applicable, must be claimed directly to the manufacturer. BBB Sporting Goods does not accept warranty claims.

Quote Policy

Unless otherwise stated in writing and/or BBB Sporting Goods receives a purchase order, all quotations will automatically expire thirty (30) days after the date it was requested.

Lay Away Policy

Initial deposit of 50% of the total purchase is required. The client will have 30 calendar days to pay the balance owed from the date the Lay Away is made. If the client does not pay the balance due within the established period, the account will be canceled and the money will not be refunded. BBB Sporting Goods will retain the initial deposit and any other payments made as a restocking fee to Lay Away due or canceled.

Backorders, Drop Shipping or Special Orders Policy

Initial deposit of 100% of the total purchase is required and does not include handling and / or shipping costs. Normally they take from 2 to 12 business weeks, in causes beyond our control they could take longer. BBB Sporting Goods will retain the initial deposit as a restocking charge if the customer cancels a Special Order, Drop Shipping and/or Backorder.

Custom Orders Policy

Initial deposit of 50% of the total purchase is required. The client must provide digital art (cost not included). If the client wishes to include the logo of a registered trademark, he must present written authorization from the licensee, without this authorization the registered trademark will not be produced. When processing a personalized order, the client confirms, reviews, authorizes and approves the lists, design, colors, sizes and any other details of the order, acknowledging that they will not be able to make modifications, changes or returns. No order will be delivered if the customer does not provide the digital art, the listing for each custom item, the designs, the graphics and any other details requested by BBB Sporting Goods The customer relieves BBB Sporting Goods of responsibility for errors of size, design, sku, colors, spelling or delay in delivery time (normally 6 to 8 weeks) and you agree that the order will be made in accordance with what is indicated in the registered documents. If you want a custom order urgently (normally 4-6 weeks) a charge of $ 350 + 20% of the total order will be applied. The customer must verify the custom order and all the details upon delivery and will not be able to claim after leaving the store. Non-refundable custom order because it is produced and customized only for the customer, team or organization requesting the order. BBB Sporting Goods is not responsible for merchandise not verified by the customer at the time of delivery. All personalized items will have the BBB Sports brand, if you want the BBB Sports brand not to be visible to the outside, you must notify it at the time of ordering and the customer will incur an additional cost of $ 1.99 per unit. The estimated delivery date varies according to the requirements, changes, design or incomplete documents, therefore, the estimated delivery date does not represent a faithful and exact delivery date, the customer agrees to wait for their order even when it may be delayed by factors beyond our control. The client acknowledges that the order will be made according to what is indicated in the document at the time of ordering. By processing the order, the customer accepts our policy. BBB Sporting Goods will retain the initial deposit and any additional payments as a production fee if the customer requests to cancel the order.

Availability, Pricing, Promotions Policy

Products, prices, promotions, exclusions and availability vary between physical stores and online store, prices are subject to change without prior notice. Online pricing only applies to online sales, not in-store sales. MSRP on this website means "My Store Retail Price". The availability per store is indicated in the details of each product. The out-of-stock, backorder or drop shipping notice indicates that your order will be delayed since the products are out of stock in our stores, but there is the possibility of sending it directly from our suppliers through backorder, drop shipping or special order. In the event of a price posting error, we reserve the right to cancel any order or purchase request.

Consumer Confidential Policy

The information voluntarily offered by our clients is used for the purpose of guaranteeing compliance with our policy, knowing the history of purchases, changes, in-store credits and/or returns. The information of our clients will be used for promotional and marketing purposes. BBB Sporting Goods will take the necessary measures to protect the privacy, confidentiality and integrity of the personal information provided by our customers.

Important Announcement

Posting misleading ads is illegal. Engaging in such a practice carries a fine of up to a maximum of $10,000. The consumer may file a complaint with the Department of Consumer Affairs (DACO) Act No. 5 of April 23, 1973, as amended. The content of this policy is not regulated by the Department of Consumer Affairs (DACO) for which the establishment BBB Sporting Goods determines the policies according to the transaction. The consumer is responsible for asking and reading the policy of our stores including the form, term or clauses depending on the type of transaction that the consumer is going to carry out before acquiring any product or service in our stores. By processing a purchase and service request, the customer accepts the policy in its entirety.

Additional Information

Other policies may apply, learn more at your nearest BBB Sporting Goods store. If you have any questions or inquiries about our policy, you can request assistance from the manager by writing to [email protected]. Policy at: https://www.bbbsports.com/policy Last review: January 7, 2022.