Quote Policy

At BBB Sporting Goods, we prioritize clarity, transparency, and timeliness in our quotation processes. This Quote Policy outlines our guidelines regarding the expiration of quotations unless otherwise stated in writing or upon receipt of a purchase order.

Expiration of Quotations

Unless otherwise stated in writing and/or BBB Sporting Goods receives a purchase order, all quotations will automatically expire thirty (30) days after the date it was requested.

Responsibility for Communication

It is the responsibility of the sales team or designated representatives to clearly communicate the expiration policy to customers or potential clients when providing quotations.

Renewal or Extension

If a customer wishes to proceed with a quotation beyond the expiration date, they must request a renewal or extension from BBB Sporting Goods. Renewals or extensions are subject to approval and may be accompanied by updated terms and conditions.


BBB Sporting Goods will maintain records of all expired quotations and any subsequent renewals or extensions for internal reference and audit purposes.

Review and Amendment

This Quote Policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure its effectiveness and may be amended as necessary to reflect changes in business practices or regulatory requirements.


By requesting a quotation from BBB Sporting Goods, customers acknowledge and agree to abide by the expiration policy outlined in this Quote Policy.